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2012 "Best Places to Work in Atlantic Canada"
Rank Company
1 Metro Credit Union Ltd.
2 Newfoundland and Labrador Credit Union
3 Premiere Executive Suites/Atlantic Limited
4 Accreon Inc.
5 Heritage Gas Limited
6 OMISTA Credit Union
7 Verafin Inc.
8 The Institute for Human Services Education
9 T4G Limited
10 Cox & Palmer
11 Plato Consulting Inc.
12 Assumption Life
13 Leading Edge Credit Union
14 Admiral Insurance
15 STI
16 Bergengren Credit Union
17 ISL Web Marketing & Design
18 Bayview Credit Union
19 CBCL Limited
20 Spirit Urban Spa
21 Corporate Research Associates Inc.
22 CAA Atlantic Limited
23 East Coast Credit Union
24 VistaCare Communications
25 SouthEastern Mutual Insurance Co.
27 Directors' Choice
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